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Trademark Attorneys Mexico Corona Vega are committed to meeting clients` needs in trademark protection and registration in Mexico.  With a team of specialists in the field our firm focuses on trademarks, whether prosecution or contentious. Our Trademark Attorneys/Lawyers Mexico help clients large and small establish, protect, defend and enforce their trademark rights in Mexico.

Located in Mexico City, Corona Vega´s Trademark Attorneys operate throughout Mexico representing national and foreign clients in the prosecution and litigation in Mexican Trademark Office proceedings, as well as higher Courts. Our Trademark Lawyers Mexico combine top-of-the line skills and experience with a client-centered business philosophy. Our clients find our Trademark Attorneys Mexico skillful and easy to work with, but diligent and assertive when it comes to defend their interest.  

We know trademarks are a business asset, and unpredictable legal fees should not diminish their ROI. We partner with our clients to develop alternative fee arrangements that provide predictability and efficiency. For example, we set flat fees for trademark registration processes, cease-and-desist letters, and Office Action responses, among others. We also can implement portfolio retainers for larger clients.

Corona Vega`s Trademark Lawyers Mexico provide trademark search, registration and watch services, as well as litigation services to defend and enforce trademark rights. With years of experience in the trademark field, our Trademark Attorneys Mexico have the expertise and know how to correctly service our clients trademark needs.

Our Trademark Lawyers Mexico pride on experience, flexibility, responsiveness and a commitment to value. Likewise, our Trademark Attorneys Mexico pride to provide our clients with top-quality representation at good value, with integrity and professionalism, to achieve their trademark objectives. 


Distinctive Signs have become a very important asset for any company in this new era. For some companies, Distinctive Signs are even their most valuable assets. Hence, their proper protection is crucial to safeguard the investment that their owners make in the products or services that the same differentiate in the market. Knowing this, at Corona Vega we devote our practice exclusively to the very registration and protection of distinctive signs. Trademark Attorneys Mexico.

Trademark Attorneys Mexico

Trademark Attorneys Mexico / Trademark Lawyers Mexico

Corona Vega is a Boutique Firm solely devoted to the registration and protection of Trademarks in Mexico, before the Mexican Trademark Office (Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial – IMPI), assembled by specialized and proficient Trademark Attorneys / Lawyers and a dedicated staff focused on bringing the best Trademark Registration and Protection Services in Mexico.

Our Philosophy

At Corona Vega our philosophy of service is based on the following principles:
  • Reliably delivering what it is promised:

    In terms of the work to be done, meeting deadlines and everything that it is agreed with the client.
  • Communicating clearly:

    Our communications with our clients whether oral or written must be clear and sufficient for them to take a decision at once.
  • Ownership:

    The marks we are entrusted become our own marks and the professionals and institutions that entrust us a case become our associates, being thus all bond as a single entity.
  • Responsiveness:

    We respond all communications within a maximum term of 24 hours and take or return phone calls immediately. We know that in our business time is of the essence.
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