Founding Partner

Lawyer Guillermo Corona

Trademark Lawyer graduated from the School of Law of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México, with various specialization and update studies in law for the proper registration and protection of Trademarks in Mexico.

Guillermo began his career as a Trademark Lawyer in Mexico in 2004, while still a student, upon entering the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) to carry out his Social Service and training as an IMPI Trademark Lawyer. After a year at IMPI, Guillermo chose to join a highly renowned firm in the registration and protection of Trademarks in Mexico as a Trademark Lawyer assigned to the litigation area, where he collaborated for 6 years and became a Trademark Lawyer Associated. Subsequently, Guillermo joined a diverse firm as a Trademark Lawyer responsible for the Department of Registered Trademarks and therefore the areas of Trademark Registration, Trademark Preservation and Trademark Litigation.

In August 2012, Guillermo finally founded Corona Vega Abogados de Marcas, a Mexican firm of Trademark Lawyers precisely specialized in the registration, conservation and protection of trademarks and distinctive signs in general, which today represents trademarks of Mexican and foreign companies of various turns and sizes.


Lawyer Miguel Ángel Andrade

Trademark lawyer, graduated from the Law School of the National Bar of Lawyers, Mexico City. He has various courses for the protection and preservation of trademarks in Mexico, as well as his defense.

Miguel began his career in 2014, when he joined a Law Firm in Tax-Administrative matters, having as one of his main activities the monitoring and contacting the client of their trademark registration applications in Mexico. After a year and a half in said occupation, he changed his activity to serve as a Legal Intern in a business incubator, having, among other activities, the responsibility of advising those incubated on the protection of their brands, as well as managing the procedures corresponding to the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, including the release of formalities of requirement and priorities.

Finally, Miguel joined Corona Vega Abogados de Marcas in April 2018, where he currently works as Associate Trademark Lawyer, having as main activities the registration, conservation, protection, including litigation, of trademarks and distinctive signs in general.