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CORONA VEGA provides Trademark Registration Services in Mexico as a Trademark Registration Agency founded in 2012, solely devoted to Trademark Registration in Mexico, assembled by specialized and proficient Trademark Attorneys-Trademark Lawyers, and a dedicated staff focused on bringing the best Trademark Registration Services in Mexico.

Our firm combine top-of-the line skills and experience with a client-centered business philosophy. Businesses spend uncountable resources to build consumer confidence in their products/services trademarks. The goal is for the consumer to view these trademarks as an indicator of source, reliability and value.

Knowing this, Corona Vega Trademark Registration Agency offers Trademark Protection Services in Mexico that are committed to meeting clients` needs to register and maintain their trademark rights in Mexico by knowledgeable and skillfully Attorneys, together with an innovative and made to measure technology that assures a well-established workflow to provide our clients a top-of-the-line service, consistently.

The Trademark Attorneys of Corona Vega, have a complete local knowledge and practice to handle the entire trademark registration process, including overcoming oppositions, provisional refusals, office actions of any kind, as well as trademark portfolio management services, to meet any legal requirement to register, maintain and protect trademarks in Mexico during its life-cycle.

Our guarantee is that we will handle the trademark registration of the brands we are entrusted effectively, every step of the way, every time, communicating honestly, timely and clearly, as we know the professionals that entrust us a trademark registration process in Mexico set their confidence in our firm to represent them as well, as part of their duty to their company or client.


Our firm offers the complete service of a Trademark Registration, in one class, before the Mexican Trademark Office (MTO), in a single service (Trademark Registration Process) that includes:
· Clearance and protection strategy;
· Translation from English to Spanish of the goods/services to be covered;
· Filing of the trademark application before the MTO;
· Reporting and responding office actions, if any;
· Receiving and sending the Certificate of Registration, if and when issued by the MTO.

The only service that is not included in our Trademark Registration Process, and an especial matter is assigned and charged, is:

a) Litigation matters regarding cancellation/nullity actions of any kind to overcome or invalidate a prior trademark registration(s) that bars the registration our client´s trademark application.

The cost for each Trademark or Slogan Registration Service, in one class, is of $400 USD, which
includes official fees ($170 USD), expenses, taxes and legal fees. We normally request the
payment of the $400 USD a day before the moment of filing the trademark or slogan application. If
Priority is to be claimed, there is an extra cost for official fees of $80 USD. Payments can be wired
to our Bank Account or via Pay Pal.

In Mexico, the Certificate of Registration for a Trademark is valid for 10 years since registration is granted, and can be unlimitedly renewed by filing a Renewal petition. However, after 3 years of the granting of the certificate of registration, a declaration of use must be filed, otherwise the registration would be cancelled. As part of our service, we will let you know when such processes must be complied.

Complete your application online


In order to attend to your request for trademark registration or commercial notice, we ask you to complete and send online the form shown below, or if you prefer, download the form here, complete it and send it to the following email:

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Please make sure that all the data you are sending us is correct and exact, since these data are the ones that will be indicated in the corresponding registration request, and any error or subsequent correction in the request generates additional costs and delays the process.
Thank you very much for helping us serve you better!


Applications filed in Mexico under the Madrid System often receive Provisional Refusals and/or Oppositions that must be properly attended. Our firm can assist you to file a suitable response to any of them.
If you wish to receive our assistance in this regard, please fulfill the below format:

Madrid System

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